To translate, or transcreate?

Ero’s translation services maintain the tone, voice, and message of your original document or manuscript. You can expect necessary, nuanced shifts to occur from language to language, text to text, and even from one translator to another. But adhering to the original while reaching the highest level of English is our goal.

For transcreation, we delve into your original to understand the fundamental concepts, but then modify it often dramatically in order to reach your desired audience. If you are launching a new product or service internationally and want your offerings to have value, meaning and impact for radically new and different  groups, transcreation is for you. If you are an author who wants to significantly re-shape or improve your manuscript in the process of translation, then transcreation may be the best route for you, too.

Our understanding contributes depth and makes us a wise partner for achieving your linguistic goals.

Ero offers:

  • Globalized Marketing & Communication
    The new economic environment has no geographic boundaries - so why does your business? We help brands expand their reach globally, by thinking bigger - translating and tailoring their communications to meet the needs of an international audience.

  • Market-Specific Localization
    Great translation isn’t as simple as word-for-word exchange. In fact, linguistic nuance shifts drastically between markets and cultural regions - even when they share the same language. Ero helps you adapt your message to meet market-specific requirements for clear and engaging communication.

  • Literary Translation & Publication
    Whether this is your first dissertation or fiftieth best-seller, we’re happy to support your publishing endeavors. Our team will patiently guide you through the process of translating and publishing your literary work, ensuring that each and every word conveys its intended meaning.

  • Multilingual Web Content & Social Messaging
    Automatic translation features often leave users stumbling through clumsy phrasing and misinterpretation. Ero can eliminate this frustration, by providing multilingual site content and social messaging tailored to your intended audience - no matter their geographic location.

The path to a faithful translation is paved with conversation. Two-way exchange allows us to uphold your intentions, as your translation progresses towards completion:

  • Phase 1
    Provisional translation or transcreation, capturing core ideas and communicating central messages.

  • Phase 2
    Basic English that achieves the desired tone in a way that remains faithful to the original or  delivers a structure and rhetorical strategy that reaches target audiences.

  • Phase 3
    Refined, copy-edited and proofread document that, for translations, resolves any lingering linguistic tensions, or, in the case of recreations, motivates and meets the needs of a new audience.

Need adjustments along the way? Our door is open. We welcome your promptings, queries, and inspiration.

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