Our current workforce is informed, integrated, and multi-generational.

Personnel are no longer motivated by the same factors that inspired yesterday's workers. Legacy rules of engagement and traditional HR practices have lost their effectiveness.

Ero enables wise transformation.

There is a strong and resounding call for dynamic methods of management  – and we're here to help you transition with confidence.

Whether you're currently undergoing expansion or reorganization, or simply realigning with today's quickly-changing environment – we offer comprehensive tools to ensure your organization’s cultural health. You can recalibrate your managerial approach in order to  construct strong, agile, high-functioning teams that are capable of spanning the globe.

Our programs are informed by evidence drawn from the best minds in science, philosophy, psychology, and ethics. We've synthesized the advice and strategies of some of the world's finest leaders, in order to develop a vast and flexible base of knowledge and methods, customizable for your unique organizational landscape.

From remote workshops and webinars to traditional keynote presentations and on-sites to remarkable team-building retreats and corporate getaways – Ero will craft a program fully tailored to your particular needs.  We'll then coordinate, host, and guide your employees through inspiring interactive sessions, designed to spark engagement and intrinsically-motivated learning. Our progressive methods provide participants with valuable practical insight that empowers them to take action.

If your business is ready to evolve – Ero is the way forward.

Ero's team development and leadership training sessions cover a wide range of topics and objectives. Here are just a few:

  • Empathy & Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
    Business environments that cultivate empathy have happier, healthier, and higher-functioning employees. Teams with superior emotional intelligence solve problems and navigate challenges more effectively. Our emotional intelligence workshops teach cognitive empathy - research-based methods that strengthen empathetic reasoning and perspective-taking skills, improving workplace trust and collaboration.

  • Inspiring a High-Performance Team
    Leadership is not a natural trait – it's a learned ability. Transforming a group of individuals into a high-performance team takes work – as well as a capable leader. We present our participants with the leadership skills they need to motivate individuals, build team synergy and trust, and enhance the overall collaboration and performance of their team.

  • Thriving in the Context of Ongoing Change
    Change and growth do not have to be stressful; nor does anxiety have to flare in the face of surprises and tough times. Team members can acquire skills that convert turbulence into possibility and missteps into meaningful progress. Everyone can become confident in taking decisive action to navigate complexity and uncertainty. Passively bracing for change can be a behavior of the past. 

  • Bringing Everyone Aboard
    Total success comes when the purposes of individuals and teams align with a business’s overall strategy. Points of friction subside, the health of the internal culture flourishes, and individuals can show up as their whole selves, with their special talents unleashed in support of the common good.

    In addition, our trainings can support the harmonization of internal culture with the external messaging of products and services, for a fully integrated identity that resonates authentically with your core clients.

  • The Self-Managing Organization
    The business of the future is non-hierarchical and largely self-managing. Empower your members to resolve conflicts, organize efficiently, and improve operational effectiveness – to catch otherwise missed opportunities and drive business forward.

  • Constructive Feedback
    Skill in giving feedback is essential in keeping an endeavor on track. Ero's leadership training includes constructive guidance on communicating both positive and negative feedback to spark self-motivated action. Our methods support results and help you inspire members to learn, grow, and pursue a path to excellence.

  • Overcoming Generation Gaps
    For the first time ever, four different generations are working side by side. Veterans, Baby Boomers, GenFlux, and Millennials have widely divergent definitions of the so-called ideal workplace, fueled by contrasting life narratives and motivations. Ero knows an organization can unite the needs of a multi-generational workforce by identifying and celebrating the strengths of each link and developing skills at all levels to navigate inevitable power differentials.

  • Conflict Resolution
    Every workplace has its breakdowns. Whether triggered by professional differences or mismatched personalities, our mediation and conflict resolution tactics will turn your emotional heavy-lifting into organizational muscle.

  • Relational Abilities and Expanded Awareness
    Diversity is a necessary element of a thriving organization – but without appropriate cultural knowledge and self-awareness, meeting the challenges posed by multiple perspectives can be difficult. The multicultural organization of today requires new social competencies, attitudes, and communication strategies. Ero will help your team practice reflective methods of thought and interaction that ease communication and increase connectivity. Broader perspectives empower members to envision a better future.

What else can we share?

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