Strong, meaningful messaging is essential to your success.

Even the best businesses can’t anticipate every worst-case scenario. When the future of your business hangs in the balance, you’ll need sound counsel to inform each exchange. A detailed contingency plan for crisis communications should be a key element in your success strategy.

Communication is key to business continuity.

Under fire, a candid and considerate response is pivotal to maintaining your reputation. Credibility relies on your organization's ability to issue timely and accurate statements. Equipping yourself with the tools you need to communicate wisely in difficult times can turn crisis into opportunity. That’s why we offer the following services:

  • Risk Management
    Identifying your key risks is the first step towards avoiding them. Ero can help you limit your exposure to negative occurrences by forecasting and prioritizing potential threats. We’ll outline appropriate strategies for eliminating or mitigating risk, as well as precautionary steps which can reduce impact to you and your business.

  • Crisis Strategy
    Ero gets to the root of any issue, identifying both your key audiences and potential outcomes. We’ll then help you outline your goals, crafting a crisis communication strategy which will limit negative impact to your business, while re-building credibility and trust.

  • Critical Response & Reputation Management
    When the heat is on, any hesitation in your communication can create distance between you and your audience. Ero provides an elegant solution - simple and sophisticated on-the-ground responses, crafted by industry experts in reputation management.

  • Crisis Management Protocol
    In addition to providing on-point communication in the midst of critical situations, Ero drafts tailored crisis management protocols and manuals prior to need – so when disaster strikes, your team has a go-to guidebook for responding appropriately. Don’t leave something so important to chance: Making sure your detailed contingency process is clearly defined in advance of any untoward occurrence will enable your team to hit the ground running.

Preparation for crisis is paramount.

A sound strategy for crisis management and communication is essential to your success. Ero provides strong, informed counsel and guidance, so you can issue grounded, coherent statements in volatile times. Take the opportunity now to become your best, by preparing for the worst-case scenario.