Ero's art is engagement.

We're not a marketing firm – or an agent. We offer more value than both roles, combined. We'll catalyze understanding of the concepts and materials inherent to your practice, to establish channels appropriate for the reception of your work. We'll help you grow and gain audience, as well as institutional and financial support.

We believe in the significance of your work.

Our goal is to help you claim your place in the timeline of art history – and maximize your impact in our cultural moment. We promote important temporary milestones, such as gallery shows or literary launches, and focus on critical recognition and long-lasting support.

By maintaining a well-defined, ongoing public presence we help you establish true artistic authority and drive awareness of your unique contribution within a specific discourse. This opens doors to fresh dialogue and opportunity in the broader culture.

Art thrives with true support.

To gain that support, we devote our time to crafting a strong, cohesive narrative for your work. Our expert advice and nuanced portrayals of your practice will help you capture the attention of critics and gallerists, draw benefactors and corporate sponsors, and secure the financial support of artist grants, commissions, and publishing contracts.

You've worked long and hard to master your craft. So have we.

Whether you're focused on writing, fine art, or even artisanal workmanship – our expertise can take your cultural contribution to the next level.

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